Suitable for an exceptional occasion

The most exquisite combinations

Indulge yourself in finding the perfect taste from the wide sweet selection that we have to offer. Our original combinations of flavours leave a lasting impression even on the greatest gourmets. Quality fruits and vegetables, fragrant spices and the highest quality alcohol will ensure an exquisite and unmistakable taste for your cuisine.

Luxury, passion, determination


When work also becomes your passion, the best ideas start to arise. Join that with premium alcohol and the finest quality fruits and vegetables, and that is how CRAZY GOOD is created.

When did you come up with the idea to start a business cooking jams?

"The idea first appeared in my mind 4 years ago, but it wasn’t until the pandemic situation and the closure of the restaurant that I found the time and space to implement it. In our restaurant we make everything by hand, we cook from the most selected ingredients, we constantly come up with new recipes and tastes. A luxurious collection of jams goes hand in hand with this tradition and our approach. Although I had been playing with this idea for a long time, I was guided to it by a fruit grower, whom I went to see because I wanted to prepare new recipes for summer syrups and drinks. So I visited an orchard and the fruit grower asked me if I wanted to take more fruits. I agreed and at home I started cooking my first plum jam. "

What were the first responses among customers?

"Just as I cooked the first jam, one of my acquaintances with three of their guests came to our restaurant, two of them were from abroad. As their hostess, I offered these gentlemen a taste of the sweet jam. One of them shouted out that it was CRAZY GOOD and the other asked where he can buy some. Unknowingly, they both gave me a great idea for my new business plan. I named this company dedicated to the production of fruit specialties Crazy Good and started to produce and sell the jams."


A gift suitable for a special occasion


CRAZY GOOD brand products are suitable for any special occasion, so you no longer have to look for an original gift to shine. Please your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, employees or business partners and be exceptional! Our gift packaging has won the Worldstar Award for packaging design. It is handmade from recycled material, thus making it the best and environmentally friendly solution. 

  • Gift packaging

    We have made a gift box for you for a unique CRAZY GOOD specialty.

  • Gift double wrap

    We have made for you a gift double wrap for a combination of two unique CRAZY GOOD specialties.

  • Triple gift

    We have made three-pack gift wrap for you for a combination of three unique CRAZY GOOD specialties.

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