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About us

Crazy good is an original recipe, unique design and the highest quality alcohol in one


CRAZY GOOD is brought to you by Danka Kisslingová, a renowned figure in Slovak gastronomy and a passionate culinary innovator.  In Slovakia, she managed to build one of the best and highest quality restaurants, thanks to which she won many world awards.

My effort has always been to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding clients. The result is CRAZY GOOD products, which are created by combining hand-picked fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and first-class alcohol. To satisfy all your senses, we have wrapped everything for you in a luxurious, handmade and world-renowned original design.

CRAZY GOOD is my idea, the culmination of my many years of work in gastronomy.

CRAZY GOOD, from my heart to you.

Quality and uniqueness is important to us


In CRAZY GOOD products we use only the highest class alcohol, which makes our products unique. Manual collection and processing of fruits and vegetables guarantees the highest quality.

A gift suitable for a special occasion


CRAZY GOOD brand products are suitable for an exceptional occasion, so you no longer have to look for an original gift to shine. Please your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, employees or business partners, be exceptional! Our gift packaging has won the Worldstar Award for packaging design. It is handmade from recycled material, it is the best solution.