Shipping and payment

Payment method

When ordering goods, the Buyer chooses the method of payment and marks the selected option from the selected options:

  1. in cash at personal collection
  2. cash on delivery upon import by the courier company DPD
  3. card upon import by the courier company DPD
  4. cashless transfer when ordering through the STRIPE payment gateway

The buyer will receive the tax document by e-mail in electronic form.

 Type of transport

The buyer can choose from the following transport methods:

  1. personal collection at Pezinská 634/2, 900 26 Slovenský Grob
  2. courier company DPD

The amount of postage

  1. free of charge for personal collection
  2. Within the Slovak Republic when paying in advance through the STRIPE payment gateway: X EUR
  3. Within the Slovak Republic upon import by the courier company DPD: X EUR

When ordering to other countries (except Slovakia), postage is calculated individually according to the shipping costs of the country and the weight of the shipment. For shipments abroad, advance payment is required based on the invoice sent by the Seller.